The 2023 graduating class is approaching the job market with enthusiasm, open to the possibility of working remotely or in a hybrid setting. According to a recent report from ZipRecruiter, a whopping 44% of graduates are keen to explore a hybrid work arrangement, 33% are open to being fully remote, and only 23% desire to work in an office or workplace every day. Interestingly, the report found that 70% of the surveyed students are still hoping for full-time jobs, despite the uncertainty of the current economy.

The 2023 graduating cohort is also well prepared. The survey revealed that 69% of respondents feel they are adequately prepared for the labor market and 92% began searching for jobs in early April. Additionally, 97% had some kind of working experience during college, while 83% manned multiple roles at some point. There was also a significant amount of gig work involvement, with 49% having participated.

The survey, which collected data from 2,000 2023 graduating students, shows that this cohort is ready to excel in the job market. They have the work experience and the strong desire to explore remote and hybrid work options, giving this generation a much needed leg up.