According to our estimates, sixty firms in the US industrial temporary staffing industry generated at least $100 million in revenue in 2022 – collectively generating a total of $32.7 billion. This accounts for an impressive 85% of the US market. Our industry ranking of these firms puts them in order of revenue size, but one must keep in mind that the ranking may not necessarily reflect the level of service or value these companies provide to shareholders.

Transparency and availability of information about such companies can vary, so the data presented in this report is considered an estimation by Staffing Industry Analysts. The market share percentages in this report were calculated by dividing each company’s revenue figure by our estimate of the entire US industrial temporary staffing market in 2022.

Six new firms have appeared on this year’s ranking: FlexTrades, Jobandtalent, LGC Associates, Minute Men, PeopleShare, and TalentLaunch. For this report, we chose not to display prior year revenue estimates due to varying levels of transparency and availability of information from companies across the years.

All in all, this report provides a great way to get an overview of the US industrial temporary staffing industry landscape.