This year’s US IT temporary staffing market has been dominated by a select number of large firms. Our research estimates that 71 firms generated at least $100 million in US information technology temporary staffing revenue in 2022. Combined, these firms generated $34.6 billion in such revenue, accounting for 83% of the total market.

We’ve taken the time to rank all 71 firms listed in the market share report, according to their revenue size – but do bear in mind that this ranking is not reflective of the quality of service or value each firm provides to its shareholders. As transparency and availability of data for staffing companies can vary from one year to the next, we’ve based our estimates from the most recent data available.

In this report, you’ll find 11 new faces to the list which didn’t appear in last years: Advantis Global, Ampcus, eTeam, GDH Consulting, HCL Global Systems, Horizontal, INSPYR Solutions, Mondo, Pride Global, Tandym Group, and Triple Crown Consulting.

With the US IT temporary staffing market set to hit a record high, our report provides you with a valuable “big picture” look at the industry landscape. For more details on the firms included in