An estimated 24 staffing firms generated at least $50 million of US engineering temporary staffing revenue in 2022, totaling $6.2 billion and 68% of the market share. With this report, we’ve ranked these firms according to revenue size, though it’s important to note that a higher rank does not necessarily imply better service or more value for shareholders.

At Staffing Industry Analysts, we’ve taken steps to provide more accurate and consistent data – adjustments were made where appropriate and necessary, though it’s essential to keep in mind that revenue figures should still be viewed as estimates. Market share percentages were determined by dividing each company’s revenue figure by our estimate of $9.1 billion for the overall US engineering temporary staffing market in 2022.

Two new firms – ICONMA and The Planet Group – have joined the ranking since last year, and it’s important to note that the estimates of previous years may not be comparable in all cases. However, we believe this report provides an accurate “big picture” of the US engineering temporary staffing industry landscape. To get the complete details on this report, including the methodology used, please see page five.