This report was created to give readers an up-to-date look at who is dominating the US finance/accounting temporary staffing market. Through our research, we found that 21 firms generated at least $50 million in US finance/accounting temporary staffing revenue in 2022. Added together, these firms combined to generate a total of $5.7 billion in such revenue, accounting for 61% of the entire market. The firms have been ranked according to their revenue size, although it should be noted that this does not imply better service or value for shareholders.

Our research was carried out accurately, although some data was adjusted for greater accuracy and consistency. As transparency and availability of information from staffing companies can change from year to year, this year’s estimates may not be comparable to those of previous years in all cases. Two new firms, Dexian and The Planet Group, have also been added to this year’s report.

To conclude, we believe this report is accurate and can be used to gain a better understanding of the US finance/accounting temporary staffing industry landscape. For more information on methodology and further details, please see the full report.