Are you looking for reliable information on the companies that provide M&A services around the world? Look no further! Our recently updated Funders and Advisors Directory 2023 provides detailed records for just under 50 companies in the M&A space. From firms that specialise in a single market to those offering international and cross-border assistance in up to 40+ countries, you’re sure to find the right option for you. And that’s not all… We’ve also included a list of more than 100 companies offering M&A services to the staffing industry.

We’ve worked hard to make our directory as thorough and accurate as possible. However, if you know of any companies we have missed or would like to contribute to our records, please contact us using the details provided.

Please note that the information provided in this directory is self-reported and has been edited for consistency. While we strive for accuracy, inclusion in this directory is not a guarantee of quality or reliability.

If you have any corrections or changes you would like to make, please get in touch with us directly. Your feedback is invaluable!