Are you curious to find out which companies made it onto our list of the top 21 largest retained search firms in the US? Wonder no more! We’ve compiled and ranked these firms according to their estimated retained search revenue in 2022, a total of $3.8 billion and accounting for 45% of the market share.

This list consists of 21 companies which we believe to be the most influential in the US retained search industry. We have made sure to include only the most transparent firms in the ranking, while all revenue figures are estimates by Staffing Industry Analysts.

Additional details on the methodology of this report can be found on page four, and 3 companies are also included on this year’s list that were not present in the previous year’s report. These companies are Jackson Healthcare, Solomon Page Group and Vaco.

Now, what are you waiting for? Dive in and have a look at the top 21 largest retained search firms in the US! Who knows, your future employer might just be among them.