The US Staffing, Professional and Commercial Staffing Indicators for the week ending July 15th have each decreased -10% year-over-year. On a week-over-week sequential basis, US staffing hours were up 2.9%, commercial up 2.7% and professional up 3.4%.

The year-over-year decline in the indicator is roughly in line with the decline in temporary help employment as reported in the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ monthly Employment Situation reports. However, the US staffing industry is still on a high plateau that suggests continuing and large opportunities for staffing firms that have achieved a competitive advantage.

The SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator is a unique tool for gauging near real time weekly trends in the volume of temporary staffing delivered by US staffing firms. Released weekly, the indicator can be used by staffing firms to benchmark their past and current performance, as well as a tool for forecasting near term industry trends and outlook. It also provides business leaders and investors with real-time insight into the US temporary staffing industry, which is often a co-incident indicator for the US labor market and economy.

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