Do you want to know the latest trend in staffing firms regarding their plans for using vendor-provided services? Our North America Staffing Company Survey conducted in 2023 gave us the answers. We asked them about their plans and their responses were classified into four main groups – Booming, Mature, Limited and Narrow. Interestingly, it was found that more firms had plans to expand usage than to cut usage for all services.

To further drill down to the specifics, it was seen that Technology services had a median 34% of firms plan to expand use of the selected technology services, almost double of what was found for other services.

Over the period 2021-2023, average planned use of vendor-provided services overall increased. Out of all the services, six specific categories saw the biggest jump.

Find out more insights on staffing firm’s plans for their vendor service usage through the North America Staffing Company Survey 2023!