This week’s SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator showed that temporary staffing hours worked decreased by -9% year-over-year for the week ending Oct 14th. Commercial staffing hours were down -10% while Professional staffing hours declined by -7%. On a week-over-week sequential basis, staffing hours were up 0.8%. These figures hint that the decline of US staffing firms could be starting to stabilize.

The SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator is a unique tool for gauging near real-time weekly trends in the volume of temporary staffing delivered by US staffing firms. The Index is weighted and benchmarked against US Bureau of Labor Statistics data to approximate the composition of the staffing industry by skill. While the indicator does not presume to perfectly reflect the entire universe of US staffing firms, it does represent a sizable sample of the US staffing industry, spanning a wide range of occupations, client industry verticals, and geographic footprint.

Using the SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator, staffing firms can benchmark their past and current performance, while also using it as a tool for forecasting near term industry trends and outlook. The indicator can also be a useful insight for investors and business leaders seeking real-time data on the