Contingent workers provide a significant portion of services to organizations in the US. According to SIA estimates, these contingent workers make up 12% of all workers in the US, generating $1.4 trillion in revenue in 2022. This report will focus on those providing services to organizations in a business-to-business (B2B) capacity. In other words, contingent workers can include anything from summer interns to external consultants hired for specific projects.

When looking at the five categories of contingent workers, SIA has estimated that the number of workers in this area increased by 6% in 2022, with the highest rate of growth being seen in temporary talent and work service platform workers (21%).

Not only did the size of the US gig economy increase in 2022, it also reached a record size, growing by 23% compared to 2021. This is similar to the US staffing industry as a whole, which grew by 20%.

It is important to look at this data in a global context. To gain a better understanding of the gig economy on a global scale, SIA recommends reading this report in conjunction with the Global Gig Economy report.