An in-depth analysis of the Americas listed staffing market in 2023 has revealed that 32 staffing firms have a combined public market capitalization of $86.6 billion. Paychex, the largest of these firms, boasts a market cap of $44.9 billion. The top ten firms account for 94% of the total market cap.

Further analysis indicated that the dominating sector is Other Employment Services, with 18 firms of the 32 belonging to this category. Of the 29 companies in this report, only one is listed in Canada, while the rest are listed on three stock exchanges and four over-the-counter markets in the US.

Data for the report came from pulled on 5 December 2023 and includes stock prices, currencies, market caps, and stock price changes since 1 January 2023. Moreover, the report provides details about the country of listing, company tickers and their respective sectors.

Now that we’ve taken a look at the market, it’s important to remember that the value of the firms doesn’t necessarily indicate that one firm provides better service or value than another. This data should be treated as an estimate only and should be verified through public filings.