Every week, the SIA | Bullhorn Staffing Indicator compiles data to provide a comprehensive overview of US staffing trends. For the week ending December 2nd, temporary staffing hours worked for the week were down -12% compared to the corresponding week a year ago. Commercial staffing hours were down -14% while professional staffing hours were down -4%. Meanwhile, on a week-over-week sequential basis, temporary staffing hours worked were up 1.8%, commercial temporary staffing hours were up slightly (0.4%) and professional temporary staffing hours up 7.0%.

The Professional Staffing indexed value was 123 for the week ending Dec 2nd, following readings of 115 and 136 in the prior two weeks (ending November 25th and November 18th, respectively). The Commercial Staffing indexed value was 71 for the same week, following values of 71 and 82 in the prior two weeks. The US Staffing indexed value, weighted to reflect the US staffing industry mix of professional and commercial jobs, was 86 for the week ending Dec 2nd, following readings of 84 and 98 in the prior two weeks.

The year-over-year decline in the Indicator is roughly in line with the decline in temporary help employment as reported by the Bureau