The past fifteen years have seen massive changes to the staffing industry. With fifteen surveys conducted over a nine-year period, this 609-page report is a comprehensive look at best practices, benchmark data, and industry trends. In it you’ll find topics such as remote work, five-year plans, staff productivity and operational benchmarks, pay methods for both internal staff and temporary workers, plans for surviving a recession, plans for using vendor-provided services, training options for temporary workers, legislation concerns, multiples paid for acquisitions, software use, candidate flow benchmarks, direct hire fees, fill rates and time-to-fill, highest-return sales tactics, virtual interviewing preferences, parental leave benefits, vendor choices, key metrics, terms of service, expansion plans, revenue sources, bonuses for temporary worker and direct hire referrals, temporary worker wage policies, investments and management priorities, operations in a COVID-19 environment, engaging with online rating sites, benefits offered to internal staff, and training return on investment. Additionally, you’ll find staffing firm predictions, healthcare insurance and other temporary worker benefits, trend analysis of new firms entering the staffing industry, consistently profitable staffing firms, RFPs, operational structures, assignment lengths and discounts, perception of gender advantage or disadvantage, E