Staffing Platform, Texting/Emailing, Recruitment Chatbots, Earned Wage Access, Artificial Intelligence, and Virtual Reality are all technologies that are impacting the operations of industrial staffing firms. In this report, we provide a high level overview of each of these technologies so the reader can gain an understanding of their potential uses, challenges, and potential benefits.

Staffing Platforms: Platforms provide staffing firms with automated access to large pools of talent and generally result in a 20% revenue increase. These platforms are not a one size fits all solution, however, and industrial staffing firms should carefully evaluate their needs and do their research to find the platform that works best for them.

Texting/Emailing Technology: Texting is the preferred form of communication for temporary workers in production occupations. SIA surveys show that all industrial staffing firms plan to either maintain or expand their usage of texting and emailing technologies.

Recruitment Chatbots: Automation of well-defined, routine tasks, scalability, and freeing up staff time for more valuable tasks are just some of the potential benefits of using recruitment chatbots. 85% of industrial staffing firms plan to either expand upon or maintain current use of these technologies.

Earned Wage