Meta, the parent company of Facebook, is looking towards the future with a focus on hiring in areas such as generative AI. The company’s CFO, Susan Li, shared on an earnings call that the company plans to increase their headcount by 1% to 2% next year once the current rounds of layoffs are complete. Li noted that Meta will be focused on efficiency and hiring to support priority areas such as generative AI, ads, infrastructure, and Reality Labs. She also mentioned that the company does not yet have enough visibility into how AI will ultimately affect the productivity of their workforce.

Meta’s revenue was up 3% to $28.6 billion, 6% on a constant currency basis. The company had 77,100 employees as of the November 2020 layoffs, and that number does not reflect employees laid off in March. A recent report by SIA looks into the impact that generative AI will have on the staffing industry.

Meta is poised to have a productive 2021 as they focus on hiring in order to support their priority areas and better understand the impact of AI on their workforce.